Underhaul Engine Kits

Preserve Your Inframe with an Engine Underhaul Kit! Our engine underhaul kits include rod bearings, main bearings, rod bolts and an oil pan gasket. Preforming an engine bearing roll-in between engine overhauls greatly extends

Caterpillar Gasket Sets

What is the ABC Gasket Program? The ABC Gasket Kit Program is designed to consolidate gasket kits and make it easier for the parts person to order and for the re-builder himself to quickly

Tractor Manual Types

Types of Tractor Manuals We Carry The Repair Manual, also referred to as a service manual shows you how to dissemble and reassemble your tractor. Our manuals are authentic reproductions of the original equipment

Connecting Rod Repair

Agkits.com can recondition your tractor or truck connecting rods. Whether it’s a spun bearing or a worn pin bushing we can fix it. Before any machine work is done the rod is media blasted

Lifter Refacing Service

Agkits.com can reface your lifters for only $10.00 each. You ship them to us and we will pay to ship them back. Be sure to watch our informational video below before sending your lifters:

Broken Crankshaft Syndrome

A broken crankshaft is not a common occurrence. Surprisingly in some cases an engine will still run with a broken crank, but will vibrate as if the engine is out of balance. Cranks can

What’s on the horizon?

So what’s coming next with Agkits & TEP? Well very soon we will have a brand new line of Turbochargers from Mahle. This Mahle Turbocharger Line will consist of the major manufacturers serving the

Time For an Engine Rebuild?

Now that the warm weather is in full effect, it’s time to get rolling on the project you’ve been putting off all winter. Whether you need a complete rebuild kit or just a set

Mahle Clevite Heavy Duty Engine Parts

Clevite® heavy duty engine parts, the preferred OE replacement, includes a complete line of heavy duty engine components that you can trust. Over the years Clevite has made many technological advances, proving that Clevite

Final Engine Assembly – Keeping it Clean

When rebuilding an engine the most important thing to remember is to keep it clean. During a complete overhaul parts such as the engine block and crankshaft may have needed machining. Most machine shops